Friday, February 25, 2011

A day in the life...

Today my back and my pride are sore.

We made popsicle stick bridges at work with the kiddos. To declare a winner, each bridge had to go through 3 rounds of vigorous testing. Round 1: 4 dictionaries. Round 2: 4 dictionaries plus ALL SEVEN Harry Potter books...hardback. Round 3: Miss Christine.

My job was to balance all of these books on the 6 inch long bridges by holding one of the dictionaries vertical and simultaneously balancing the other books on top. SORE BACK

In the third round, my job was to stand on the bridges. As these were simply made of popsicle sticks and glue, it didn't hurt my self confidence too bad when bridge after bridge snapped under my foot. Finally, after one bridge did not snap to bits under my weight, I declared to the class, "Jenna's bridge is the winner! It can hold more weight than me and I weigh almost 140 pounds!" At this point a student chimed in, "Really? I would have guessed more..." SORE PRIDE

The end.


  1. oh my word. i really hate kids. Just kidding...kinda.

  2. lol. stoopid. but funny!

    First thing my kids in primary do is point at my mole and in disgust ask "WHAT IS THAT?!" :)

    ... and they don't believe it's a part of my skin. They probably think it's something Shrek-like!